Why install a Biomass boiler in your workplace?

If you have commercial premises running on heating oil, LPG, or natural gas, then switching to Biomass heating can make significant savings. This allows you to minimise future increases in energy costs and provides energy security (given that the biomass fuels are produced in the UK) in an increasingly uncertain world.

Alvesta Energy offers a range of multi-­fuel commercial Biomass boilers, which are free to you -­‐ funded by private investors – you just pay for the heat you use.

The AEL Energy Agreement

The aim of this agreement is to supply you with a new free commercial Biomass boiler and fuel at considerable savings over current prices with no maintenance costs (or boiler replacement costs) for the next twenty years. The scheme is designed so there are no upfront costs to you as a business owner; the investor who receives RHI payments pays for the capital cost.

The Agreement is in two parts. The first with the investor is a no cost lease agreement over twenty years with title passing to you after twenty years.

The second part is that your heating costs will be fixed rising in line with RPI only – taking out the big swings in fuel prices.

Future Fuel Prices

Gas and Oil will continue to fluctuate wildly in price, rapidly rising and falling in price, given global consumption is rising fast and production swings according to price. They are also subject to short­‐term political price rises due to tensions in the Middle East.

The reason Alvesta Energy can make this offer is that the price of biomass fuels are much more stable given that they are produced in the UK and whilst they will rise in price as oil and gas prices increase, they start from a lower price and we have the advantage of buying in bulk.

The Climate

Using state of the art Austrian and English Biomass boilers with efficiencies of 92%, they will produce CO2 reductions of up to 95%. The Biomass fuels we use are sustainably produced and act as a genuine carbon sink with zero net carbon emissions. We reserve the right to modify your boiler as different fuels emerge in the future, but guarantee that the agreed contracted KWHRs will always be delivered. Heat required over and above what is currently used can be purchased separately as an extension to the existing agreement.

The addition of a commercial Biomass boiler will improve your Energy Performance Rating of your property enhancing its value if you ever choose to sell.


The investor will insure the equipment against All Risks, Breakdown, and Public Liability. AEL provides a next working day call out provision and annual maintenance visits at no cost to you.

Further we normally leave your existing boilers and oil tanks in place (unless you specifically request we remove them) so in the event of a major breakdown you can always revert back temporarily to your old boilers for a short time.

Reasons for switching to a commercial Biomass boiler

• Reduction and stability in heating costs
• Reduction in CO2 emissions
• CRC carbon reduction targets more easily achieved
• Sustainable secure source of fuel for the future – not dependant upon foreign imports
• Automatic delivery and ash removal systems so minimal maintenance

Responsibilities and Warranties

It is our responsibility to design your installation to ensure that it is efficient, safe, and reliable for many years to come.

We guarantee that the commercial Biomass boiler is built to a high standard and is suitably warrantied against failure (the investor only gets paid on heat production). In addition, we will maintain the boiler to the manufacturer's specification and supply you with appropriate suitable fuel