System detail

  • 10 x 250w (2.5kW) 833 Eternity Monocrystalline Panels.
  • 10 x Enphase Micro Inverters
  • 1 x Enphase Monitoring Software
  • 1 x Apollo GEM

Predicted System Performance

  • Orientation - 180°
  • Inclination - 35°
  • Annual Output (kWh) = 2,862 kWh
  • £515.00 Electricity Savings per annum
  • 15% First year Return On Investment (ROI)

Why Power On Demand Ltd?

"We had solar panels installed in February, and despite the cloudy weather, we saw an immediately cut our electricity consumption. We found everyone at Power on Demand to be friendly, helpful and efficient. The installation was quick and smooth and everything was explained to us clearly and in plain language. We would not hesitate to recommend the company to friends and family."

Peter & Gitte Snow