System detail

  • 16 x 250w (4kW) 833 Eternity Monocrystalline Panels.
  • 16 x Enphase Micro Inverters
  • 1 x Enphase Monitoring Software
  • 1 x Apollo GEM

Predicted System Performance

  • Orientation - 215°
  • Inclination - 35°
  • Annual Output (kWh) = 4,628 kWh
  • £648.00 Electricity Savings per annum
  • 19% First year Return On Investment (ROI)

Why Power On Demand Ltd?

After a one off phone call last autumn from a solar company promoting photovoltaic panels we decided to obtain more information and requested a quote. This one proved to be too expensive but we decided to investigate further as we felt the principle of solar panels was good. Power on Demand were one of a further three quotes we requested. They proved to be extremely helpful, competitive and knowledgeable and so were successful in securing our order. The whole team, Sam the salesman, the electrician and the fitters (who braved some very poor weather up on the roof) were all very friendly and professional. The products – panels and micro inverters are proving to be extremely efficient and we are delighted with the amount of electricity they are generating even in the winter months. The panels look good and it is amazing that we can log into our Enphase account to see their performance at any time. An added bonus is that any surplus electricity produced that we do not use goes to heat our hot water.

We without hesitation would recommend Power on Demand to anyone considering solar panels.

Michael and Linda Stanbury.